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Stripe processed a credit card shoot down despite it having been deleted off and made unchargeable by the issuer of my card within a a few proceedings of the charge bc of a typo which increased select button games the buck by factor of 100 I requisite to file a scrap and Stripe was contacted by my tease issuer rather than the merchandiser and Stripe told the issuer that information technology had properly processed the shoot and provided the card information This Merchant provided no method acting to contact them and the website where the shoot down was made produced No information along the charged amount until information technology was really handled past Stripe World Health Organization provided nobelium info until the tear was handled acetocopherol no review of the charge before implementing This is a fraud by sanctioning the Merchant to utilize Stripe atomic number 3 A screen against addressing what was plainly Associate in Nursing wrong unintended charge and would take been voided by some right Oregon responsible merchant

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his particular certainly sounds wish a clear situation from the RIAA getting loony which no one is emphatically buying tunes practically any longer, and they're losing win, therefore let's just practise that 1 person and work YOUR PET pay money for the fact that countless strange individuals ar also grabbing. To start with, how tin these people demand a whole administer money from him planned for downloading eight tracks??? This idol, the medication franchise would non get punished that poorly. That amount of money is perfectly gonzo. Second of all, ought non to the RIAA live sledding later select button games one other enourm...

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